Common Misconceptions About Folding Bikes

When it comes to purchasing a new bike, especially those that fold, many people are looking for cheap folding bikes. This means that they can have the transportability of a fold up bike and still have the features which come on a normal bike. However, with the rising trend in the use of folding bikes, many people have different feelings about purchasing one. Below are the most common misconceptions about them.

​From worries about the size of the wheels affecting the overall speed of the bike to the durability of the folding mechanisms, there are a huge amount of misconceptions when it comes to folding bikes. However, this is simply not the case.

Hill Climbing

​Climbing hills can be a challenge for any bike, but most people believe that folding bikes won’t be able to handle these challenges. This is most commonly down to the insufficient research being completed when looking at folding bikes to purchase. Many new folders on the market today are equipped with the necessary gear range, matching that of a “normal” bike.

​If you climb hills regularly, whether that being on your daily commute or whilst riding for leisure, you are looking for a folding bike which has a low amount of gear inches in the lowest gear setting and also you may have to consider the fact that you will need to put in the pedal power to conquer the hill.


​Of course one of the most common misconceptions about folding bikes is their speed. With their small size and foldability, many people believe that the gear system will not give enough power when pedaling to help climb steep hills. But, most modern fold up bicycles are built with large gear inches, this means that there are more revolutions per one revolution of the pedals. Helping to provide both speed and power when it comes to uphill stretches.

​Where many people get confused is that folding bicycles have smaller wheels, which they believe to mean less ground covered per rotation. The way in which these bikes overcome the issues of having smaller wheels is to use different gear sizes than those of a “normal” bike.


​Because of the number of joints and hinges which help the bike to be foldable, many people believe that they will become weak and to take caution when folding the bike. However, many manufacturers have realized this problem early and produce high-quality bikes with joints that can withstand the wear of time. Most joints are being made with stainless steel and manufactured using high-tech manufacturing processes such as 3D Forging and Hydroforming.

​Using these manufacturing techniques helps to give better overall durability to the joints and help them give longevity to your folding bicycle. As well as these joints, they are accompanied with an extra-durable frame and highly spoked wheels. To prevent rust and other metal problems, the metals used are treated with anti-corrosion paint and treatments.

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​Hopefully, this post has helped to show you an insight into the misconceptions many people have about these bikes and has made it clear whether they're right for you.